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Medsum Labs - FAQs


Who is Medsum Labs?

Medsum Labs is a leading provider of medical-legal services for law firms. Our highly trained medical record analysts provide attorneys with the information and insights to build strong cases involving personal injuries, medical malpractice, and mass tort. Our physicians and nurses work together to help attorneys achieve the best case results.

What medical record review services do you offer?

Our team can organize and review your client's medical records and prepare reports like medical chronologies and timelines, narrative summaries, mass tort case reports, and plaintiff fact sheets. Our experience and expertise in providing high-quality medical record review services make us confident that we can provide valuable assistance to any of your cases.

I am already happy with the existing vendor. Why should I switch to you first?

We're confident that you'll be impressed with the quality of our services. Some of our customers have changed from their current vendor to us and are happy with the results. To demonstrate this, we'd like to do a free review of a small case (<500 Pages). You can request a full refund if you are unhappy with our work. You can read the testimonials from our existing customers here.

How do you control quality?

Our medical record analysts are highly vetted, which means they have extensive experience and training in reviewing personal injury, medical malpractice, mass tort, and worker's compensation cases. We pick the best person for your case based on their expertise and training. In addition, our review process is well-defined and involves a highly skilled team working together to ensure your chronology is structured around your case needs.

Is Medsum Labs secure?

At Medsum Labs, we take data security very seriously. We do not compromise on our commitment to protecting your data. All file transactions are handled through our secure file portal. All data storage is done in the US's Amazon Web Services (AWS) facilities (us-east-1). Our email communications are encrypted both at rest and in transit. Encrypted emails are unreadable by anyone other than the intended recipients. You can read more about our data security here.

Where are your medical record reviewers located? What are their qualifications?

Our reviewer team consists of Doctors, Physical Therapists, Dentists, and nurses in India and the U.S. Our medical record review analysts are trained in-house. Collectively, they have experience handling thousands of cases. Our team knows how to serve your firm's unique medical record review needs and does it well.

What is the turnaround time?

Our turnaround time is 5-7 business days for cases less than 1500 Pages.

Do you offer record retrieval services?

No. We do not provide record collection services. However, we can refer you to a few firms that do record retrieval services.

Will your expert be able to testify at trial?

Our experts are based out of India and cannot be testifying experts.

What is your medical records retention policy?

Our standard record retention policy is 180 days. However, if you expect supplemental records, you can request us to keep them for future additions.

What are your rates?

We provide several services. For example, a medical chronology costs $35 per hour. Our add-on services, like billing summaries and cast of characters reports, cost $25/hour.

Do you offer discounts?

You can try us with a 50% discount on your first case.

Will I get an estimate for the work?

Yes. You will receive an estimate within 24 hours of the upload. Once it's approved, we will begin our work.

How do I pay for the work done?

You can send us a check or credit card

Can you share with me a sample of your work?

Yes, you can find a few of our samples here. If you need any samples, you can email

Do you include a list of medical terminology and definitions in the chronology?

Yes. We can offer medical glossary services.

I'd like you to review my client's medical records to prepare special reports addressing specific issues. Can you handle it?

Yes. We can customize special reports of your choice. Here are a few examples: Comparative chart - To differentiate between Pre- and Post-accident injuries. Timeline chart - Provides an outline of the plaintiff's medical condition and progress.

Do you offer Medical Opinions?

We were doing medical opinions in the past. However, since our experts are based out of India and cannot testify in court, we stopped that service. We can do it for you if you need a second opinion.

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