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Medical Chronology

We review thousands of pages from medical records to identify, locate and interpret relevant information. Our medical chronology highlights significant events and details without losing any pertinent information in those documents.

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Narrative Medical Summary

We specialize in writing compelling, comprehensive Narrative Summaries. Our medical narrative summaries are easy to read and highlight the most important events of your client's case, including dates, tests, assessments, and treatments.

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Mass Tort Case Review

Our mass tort case review gives you a chronological summary of the critical events in a mass tort case. The summary includes information about the drug usage, dosage, frequency of use, and any known side effects of drug/device use. With our easy-to-use format, you can get that essential information FAST!

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Say goodbye to medical record review stress with Medsum Labs.

At Medsum Labs, we recognize the critical role medical record review plays in your case's outcome. Our commitment is straightforward: Deliver superior medical record review services, alleviating any stress.

We're Medsum Labs, dedicated to providing impactful and value-driven medical record review solutions.

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