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Mass Torts require close attention to case-specific details. Our team of experts thoroughly vet the medical records for case-pertinent information and do the heavy-lifting for you.
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Bespoke analysis for your Mass Tort cases

There are no one-size-fits-all case types for mass tort litigation. We customize our review analysis to suit your needs, whether those needs are a comprehensive mass tort case reviews/ chronology for a Bellwether trial, merely an initial case screening on medical records for proof of use of a drug, or details needed to file a Plaintiff fact sheet.

Our experience in dealing with cases such as Hernia Mesh, IVC filter, drugs such as Taxotere, and Round-Up litigations have given us the adequate experience to tackle even your most complex case.

Proper Analysis. Precise Details.

Mass Tort Case Chronology

We provide a detailed summary of all case-specific events presented in chronological order with drug/device use and subsequent injuries highlighted in-line.
The chronology showcases all crucial information, such as date of drug usage/medical device implant, date of diagnosis of injury, treatment provided, further complications following injury.
We identify missing medical records if any, so you can retrieve them easily.
Each event in the chronology is hyperlinked, and the medical records are bookmarked for quick reference.

Mass Tort Quick Summary/Screening

Objective details that carry decision-making significance are captured in these short case evaluation summaries.
No one particular format followed for short summaries. It can be customized as per your requirement and case type. Here are some examples:
Just the initial case screenings on medical records for proof of use of the drug/device.
Question and answer format to address critical case points to evaluate the potential merit of the case
Spreadsheet format with Case-specific parameters is listed with injury details.

Get crucial details of your mass tort cases uncovered.

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