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There is no substitute for a well-written medical narrative summary that creates an impact on maximizing the settlement for your clients. At Medsum Labs, Our team works harder to prepare a report that lives up to your expectations.
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What is a Medical Narrative Summary?

A Medical Narrative Summary is a factual document that briefly outlines the significant medical events in sequential order. The format is descriptive and narrative. 

An excellent narrative summary should be brief, accurate, and have a proper flow. It should allow you to glean pertinent details through a short perusal of its contents anytime you need to refer to the case.

Tailored for Your Practice

Our Narrative Summary provides a detailed statement of injuries sustained by the plaintiff and end-to-end details of their treatment.  It highlights all the important events of the case, including diagnostic procedures, office visits, consultations, and therapy visits, without being bogged down by irrelevant information.

We can customize as per your firm type:

Personal injury attorneys: If you are looking for a narrative summaries/ narrative reports to initialize settlement with an insurance company or preparation for your depositions. We can work on it.
IME Physicians: If you follow a specific format for work injury cases, We can accommodate that.
Lifecare planning experts/ Damage valuation specialists: Do you need a narrative report to develop a Life Care Plan for recommended future treatment for the injured and the procedure's projected costs?

Get Narrative Summaries for your case, with only relevant information.

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