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Time is of the essence to the completion of Plaintiff Fact Sheets. Let our team of experts at Medsum Labs fill the plaintiff fact sheets by reviewing your client's case intake sheet and medical records.
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What is a Plaintiff Fact Sheet (PFS)?

A Plaintiff Fact Sheet (PFS) is the medium through which plaintiffs participate in MDL. 

Each plaintiff has to fill out the background information (education, employment, family), product usage, product identification, plaintiff medical history, injuries sustained, and treatment details.

Why is PFS critical in MDL?

Information obtained using fact sheets are used to identify cases for targeted discovery, facilitate bellwether case-pool selection, and settlement negotiations.

Plaintiff fact sheets are time-critical and has to be filed within a deadline to avoid court-dismissal of the case. Mass Tort plaintiff law firms often find it challenging to produce a large number of completed fact sheets in a short period because of reasons such as:

Difficulty in deciphering illegible handwritten notes from client filled PFS.
Discrepancy or contradictory information between client-supplied PFS and the available medical records.
IVC PFS sample

PFS – How can we assist you:

Efficient review of medical records, case intake sheet, and fact sheets using client-specified requirements.
If you have the partially filled fact sheet, we can validate the previously presented information with the medical records and complete the Plaintiff Fact sheet.
The medical record page from which these details are collected is notated in brackets right beside each of the details. This feature helps to refer to the actual medical records.
Significant information that can not be sourced from the medical records is highlighted in red. Areas/fields/details that we think are doubtful are typed out in red-color for easy closer scrutiny later.
Details gathered from the PFS are cross-verified using clues from other sources, i.e., Questionnaire, Case Intake Sheet, etc. - any discrepancies or contradictions are highlighted in red.

Get crucial details of your mass tort cases uncovered.

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